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It's tough with the larger sizes because my silk mill has large minimums. but if 12 + people wanted a certain style or size then I could make anything
As per some request I have added the measurements: Shoulder to shoulder: 17" Chest to chest: 20" Sleeve: 25.5" Total length: 31" Pants: 34R 45" longs
Actually I want to move this suit soon, so I am lowering the price to $600 shipped. That's $500 off the retail price and I am throwing in 2 of my ties. Someone give this baby a good home!
I wish I could fit it! It looks even better IRL, it's the type of suit that look gret with everything. I also MAY be open to offeres but I am pretty firm on the asking.
I glad your happy with your order, thanks for the kind words!I will keep this up for the rest of the week.
Today is the last day of the sale
sorry about that. I will kep your interest in mind in mind for the next order.I will be running this until this Sunday.Thanks again to those who ordered.
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