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I'm interested. Can you post pictures?
bump $40 shipped.
bump. $50 shipped.
lowered to $60 shipped.
I'm selling a pair of J Crew MacAlister Suede Boots in Dark Chestnut. It's labeled as a size 7.5 but fits like a size 8. $40 shipped. They've been worn once and have a mark on the sole to prevent returns.
PM sent.
PM sent.
Are there any tailors in the area that do chain-stitching? Which tailor shop do you prefer? I've gone to Aldo's several times in the past several months; they seem to do a decent job.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cowwoofwoof Could anyone with a Sterlingwear peacoat please answer my question about sizing? I don't have any suit jackets or blazers to compare with, but I measure 31" across the chest with a tshirt on. If I want a super slim fit, should I try the size 30 (with a chest size of 28") or a 32 (with chest size of 30") Thanks in advance Cowwoofwoof, did you ever decide on a size? I also measure about 31"...
I'm selling a pair of brand new APC New Standard jeans, size 25 in Washed Indigo. Have a look at the eBay auction if you're interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=250005093403 --Mark
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