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Is there any way to get measured for one of these?
It is dry, it cracks, it has some kind of acrylic layer on top of it.
Is it just me, or is the leather Filson uses shit tier quality?
This thread is now about desert boots.
What chukka boots does the styleforum groupthink approve of?
I have a pair of desert boots that are taking in water when it's wet outside. What is the best way to go about sealing them? I believe the water is coming in at the stitching on the sole.
Worst city? Los Angeles.
Quote: Originally Posted by suited and then their response should be: lying appears to be your biggest weakness. It's also presumptuous to assume that the person asking you this question is some sort of super computer that's able to input your answer and immediately and definitely tell if it's the "right" one. More than likely, it's just some jerk off. But I really do work to hard. I also care too much. Watch me care right now. Did you see...
Wow, awesome. How much time have you dedicated to learning this so far? Really impressed. EDIT: Beaten to it, I read for too long.
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