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I paid approx. $10,000 and went wholesale. Got a 2.00 center stone (VS quality), E color, from a diamond broker in LA (no tax) with another .75 in side stones. It was my second marriage so I had to go better. ... still together 9 yrs later
yeah - I screwed up. wool/silk blend SC - just ignore
so I was at Last Call today, and found 2 abboud SC, both 100% rayon, and wanted to get an opinion. Yeah, nay?
So I was wondering the same thing. Was at last call and found 2 Abboud SC. they both say 100% rayon and am wondering if they are worth the $200/each or if I should take them back.
what color is this?
how much?
pull out when you nut
I take it she was not a hottie ?
charcoal grey or dove grey
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