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I'm giving her a 24-hour reprieve from quoting old arguments. Maybe also a sweater from Macy's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Well, do they work better? I guess is the question. From what I think I'm seeing on further research, they're not available in dual-fuel (e.g. electric oven) ranges. They appear to only be available in gas ovens (not sure why you can't still have a gas IR broiler with an electric bottom coil in a dual-fuel range, but that's another question) that I've seen. Ultimately, I'm trying to parse a number of different...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube January '72 was Marilyn Cole. Quite bushy. January '71 was Liv. Just a wisp of PH. Playmate archive. I was going to click on DR's link to "playmate archive" but I figured it was just a photo of a musty basement cellar in North Dakota or something. You know, that "archive" way in the back in "Dad's work room"
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Are those shell? Whore-ween shell
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Are you serious or kidding, because Wikipedia says he lives in Wilmer, AL? I was just guessing that he would have wanted to off himself once the 80s were over; apparently not.
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz I do alot of driving on the NJ tpke and the Garden State pkwy & I gotta agree that NJ cops are pricks especially the state troopers. The last time I got pulled over the cop tried flirting with me - I think he gave me a ticket because I rejected him. WTF? I'm not ghey. I admit that I did have one positive experience; about a year ago on a sunday afternoon a trooper on the pkwy clocked me at 88 mph and let me off with a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford The Tucson Toros were the AAA franchise for the Astros. This is a picture of the uniforms from 1980... Shortly after January 1, 1990, Jimmy Sexton killed himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent I remember: Those handheld electronic football games that were just LED blips When the centerfolds in Playboy still had ample public hair Silver trading at $50 an ounce and every fly-by-night coin dealer putting an ad in the paper enticing you to sell your pre-1965 silver coins Dr. J Tang Leisure suits (my younger brother had one in lemon yellow) Dance Fever Reagan almost wrestling the...
Like DakRube, I am not nostalgic. Probably more jealous than nostalgic. One thing I really like it that I don't look like my parents did when they were in their 40s, yikes. There's some great stuff going on right now, foremost of which is lapels smaller than a B-52.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Easy enough to say but what if the line of work you want pays jack? Not to derail though, there have been several threaks on this topic. Duh. But even with sneakers? Somewhere on the SF there is a picture of my low-tops with shoe treez
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