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Jv 17, I've heard about that drink..and some say..its not that still have to drink at least 7 times before you get in heat. .does it taste good?
I do experience being really hot headed or pissed off the whole day but I do make sure I don't lash out on other people. I've tried breaking my temper meter on some of the people around me and later on I am overcome by guilt and shame.. It really is unfair for you to just say bad things..
I think a nice engagement gift would be something unique and which define's them as a couple. It should be something individual but at the same time the united concept should be there. I think a great engagement gift would be something simple like t-shirts which are similar or at least the concepts between the designs are connected. You can think of other things but it need not to be extravagant and expensive.
I hate those hideous things too. But I ain't sure if the fad will really fade out. New styles have come out and I guess more people are wearing these crocs nowadays.
Really interesting. I've heard about sounds only animals could hear but I didn't think there were sounds,too, that only teens can hear. I haven't heard it yet but maybe I did but I just ignored it. At least they were able to use it for something productive for the society.
I'm not too keen with posting while Im on the bed. I'm not comfortable lying down and reading or typing. It's ok when I do it while Im seated on the bed but only rarely.
I'm trying to make the world better by being a good citizen in my respective country. I make sure I am able to contribute to society, in a little or big way. I segregate my garbage properly. I also make sure that I am happy and anybody within my reach is also happy.
i have been watching this series lately! too bad this series only have thirteen episodes for now. can't wait to see the next episodes! i like it alot! i can't get my eyes off from this series!
If your getting bald, just shaved the whole thing off. Some girls fine bald guys hot. Just go for it.!
just use warm water to wash your face. With that, it easily closes your open pores and prevents dirt form getting in.
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