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Price drop.
Just purchased these from GupNasty a week ago, and was able to wear them all of a day or two before my car decided it wanted to be fed a pile of cash to work properly, so I'm in money scramble mode. Looking to get back what I paid for them, $old Post Soak, very minimal wear, he said he had worn them ~a month 19oz. Denim, etc. More info here. Jeans are hemmed to 33.5" and chainstitched by BiG. No visible wallet fade, minor honeycomb and whisker fading visible in the...
The jeans? They still are, and I actually meant to do a price drop today. $120 (updated post too)
Price drop on the jeans.
Just bought these from ummmwoah based on my old measurements I had floating around in my head. I forgot to account for the fact that I'm slightly fatter, so relisting these. Studio D'Artisan Jeans - 103 Tagged Size 27 - Old arcs and tab Sold Post Soak, very minimal wear, he said he had worn them ~a month Measurements: Waist: 15" Inseam: 32.5" Front Rise: 9.5" Back Rise: 12.5" Upper Thigh: 10" Knee: 8.5" Hem: 7.5" Michael J Krell - Single needle & MoP...
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello I see you stuck by not making XXS... Which is cool actually because I got ahold of an XS and decided it fits me way better The 19" pit to pit really threw me off, but it works. The olive gingham is really awesome, but I don't dig the spread collar. Would you happen to have a fit pic of the 19" pit to pit shirt? I bought your XS rust mjk shirt a while back as we have similar chest/height...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gutman people more often buy shoes too small than too big, so work out which of your feet is bigger and make sure you get something comfortable for that foot, using normal socks. your feet tend to "spread" with age as well, so tight shoes will only get more so... I was quite the opposite. I was buying size 9.5's when I'm really more like an 8. Putting on a pair of my old running shoes makes me wonder how I avoided...
I had the same problem with shirts getting stained. I'll throw in for drysol. Basically you apply it at night and sleep with it on (can be a bit uncomfortable at first). Then in the morning you wash off any residue and you don't sweat for like 3 days. No staining, no sweating, even in California summer's. It's seriously the best stuff I've tried.
PM'ed about the navy green and white j.crew tie
Pm'ed about #6
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