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I cannot believe my eyes but here it is: Prince Charles wearing a single-breasted suit.
These are the perfect shoes for those men who love wearing $1000+ so-called "designer" jeans that are ripped/torn/stained/shredded/shit-upon and that not even homeless winos would want to wear in public while begging for spare change. (Or, if you want to create the same effect without having to drop $1320, I suppose you could just not polish your shoes, don't replace the heel lifts,...
Is there no one here who can help?
Can anyone offer any information?
(deleted by poster)
** Need help with 42S double-breasted jacket measurements ** I'm thinking of getting a Madison or SOHO double-breasted suit in 42 short and I need help from anyone here who owns a DB in 42 short in these models. Can you tell me, please, what is the HALF-WAIST measurement of a 42 short double-breasted jacket in Madison or SOHO? You can check this URL here for an illustration of how to measurement the...
I'm not sure about Mulcair but Harper's suits are from Harry Rosen; and Justin Trudeau's suits are also most likely, in my opinion, from Rosen although they could be made-to-measure, not off-the-rack. When Trudeau was waving to the crowds as he was walking towards Rideau Hall to be sworn in that morning, I caught a good glimpse of his coat sleeve and I saw real surgeon's cuffs. For the record, I loved the camel topcoat he wore on Remembrance Day. Trudeaumania is back!
Just bought a pair of striped Diesel jeans today. Waist size on label says 33 but in reality the waist measures to be 38. (My actual waist is 37.) That's a fucking difference of 5 fucking inches. Fucking Christ!
Hello, you have an 11 to 13 inch drop. I don't think that's readily attainable in an off-the-rack garment since virtually all off-the-rack suits will have a 6 inch drop (or 7 inch at the most).
I have many long sleeve sport shirts, the sleeves of which are too long for me anywhere from 1.5 inches to about 2.5 inches. Since these are sport shirts and not dress shirts, the sleeve lengths increase as the size of the neck increases. These are all size large (16.5 neck) and the sleeve length that fits me to a "T" is 34 inches. I know I can easily machine dry these and shrink the sleeve length; this way I don't have to pay a tailor to shorten the sleeves. I have 16...
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