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I have a new tuxedo (slimmer fit jacket with flat front pants) and the pants have the satin braid down the legs but not a satin waistband. The shirt style is spread collar with pleated front, the black bow tie is tie-it-yourself, and the button-tab braces are black. I have two pairs of shoes: one is patent leather slip-on, and the other is black velvet formal slippers. My question is, do I really need to wear a cummerbund? I don't want to wear a wasitcoat but do I...
The lapels are bat wings and . . . is that a CUMMBERBUND ? ? ? ?
Hello, I am requesting help in determining what size to order for velvet slippers. The shop which sells them is in England and I am, sadly, not in England; in fact, I am on another continent and that means I am unable to try on any for proper sizing. For those of you who own velvet slippers, do you find that you have to order down a size or two, or do you just order your usual shoe size? Looking forward to your knowledge and help! Thanks!
It's obvious he's reading about himself, and others of his species, in that issue of National Geographic.
You should zip up your fly on your jeans.
Murder is also quite the rage in Mexico.
What a coincidence! I was also searching for info on Austin Reed Signature suits and was looking for an answer to this very same question! I believe the Austin Reed Signature suits are fused. I saw one yesterday at a discount retailer and it was my size . I tried on the jacket and it definitely feels like it's a fused chestpiece . The full retail price was $495 and I don't think you can find 1/2 canvassed suits for under $500 . I also did some further online...
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