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what size are they?
what does the screen say on the black one...
haha - we have an 85 year old house. As we've gone through and done project after project, we've uncovered all sorts of prior paint jobs. However, I think in like 7 of the 11 rooms in the house we've repainted, we've found evidence that the room was at one point or another either the same color, or a derivative color of what we were painting. Its pretty comical.
click through to basenotes Lots for sale, make me offers. PM either place. http://www.basenotes.net/threads/321514-Clearing-out-Designers-Encre-Noir-POLO-Kouros-Bulgari-Dunhill-Escada-Nautica?p=2819185#post2819185 Thanks for looking.
inherited a bunch of money from my grandma. Sad but Happy. Now what to do with it. White people problems. Anyone use a financial planner/advisor?
I usually support the usps, but I have about HAD it with them over the last 3-4 weeks. Pretty much every obnoxious thing they do i've had happen. Missing packages, delayed packages, a missing prescription being sent from one side of town to the other. Today, they simply forgot to deliver the mail. No biggie. Went in and complained this morning (well, I was actually very polite about it) because they keep delivering the wrong peoples mail to us (former owners) which...
did you ever get the phone you were looking for?
Interesting. in Michigan, passing the bar entitles you to a brokers license without additional qualifications.I have a license and practiced commerically, but I am on the tenant side nowHere is what my mentor and the owner of one of the largest residential RE companies in SE michigan told me when I was about your age and asked the same question. He told me that basically half of being sucessful in RE (and its really more than half), is about having a network of people...
have a quasi review with my bosses (3) thursday. They have been putting this off for almost a year. I am trying to decide how aggressive I want to be. I know they are planning me to be very included next year, but insofar have been bullshitting about my title and official responsibility. I am excited that they thing so highly of me, but at the same time, I am so bi-polar about this job. Some days I LOVE it , most of the time I hate it. I've been considering leaving for...
Anyone use? Contemplating getting, but I already have a blu-ray player that does netflix/amazon prime. Thought it would be cool to put stuff on the screen when the wife and I are sitting on the couch trying to plan 'something'. Also, being able to integrate itunes into my big reciever would be nice. it has an ipod control, but you have to keep the TV running to see the menu. being able to set it up, then control from my phone would be pretty cool too. Discuss.
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