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I have a best buy card, a best buy.com account and a best buy rewardzone account. You guessed it, all three of them have different password requirements/restrictions.I wanted to sit down first of the year and standardize my passwords across various types of websites as well as change to a new email address for logon's. I gave up as I could never seem to get the same password on like every 3rd site.and dont insult the strength of my password, how about I insult the...
I've had some of my cfl's for years. I just keep taking them from place to place (well I dont anymore because they are so cheap), but yes.
Thats a little difficult to answer in a vacuum. depends on a lot of things People will respect you more imo, if you have a comfortable, well furnished house and money in your pocket vs. a large, empty house that you cant afford to furnish, and have no money left over when you're done with all your expenses. The term is house poor.where that changes is if you are deliberately stretching. Perhaps you have a stable carreer with defined growth (if so, are you hiring?),...
my wife and I must have spent $100 on bulbs last month on a repaint project we did. First none of the colors looked the same because the lamps in the room were tinting everything way too yellow. So we got the colors squared away thank god, but it looked terible with these lamps. Also for some reason even though I wouldnt say we painted considerably darker (at least not based on the lighting issue), so first we tried brighter wattage bulbs, that didnt help. Then because...
what size are they?
what does the screen say on the black one...
haha - we have an 85 year old house. As we've gone through and done project after project, we've uncovered all sorts of prior paint jobs. However, I think in like 7 of the 11 rooms in the house we've repainted, we've found evidence that the room was at one point or another either the same color, or a derivative color of what we were painting. Its pretty comical.
click through to basenotes Lots for sale, make me offers. PM either place. http://www.basenotes.net/threads/321514-Clearing-out-Designers-Encre-Noir-POLO-Kouros-Bulgari-Dunhill-Escada-Nautica?p=2819185#post2819185 Thanks for looking.
inherited a bunch of money from my grandma. Sad but Happy. Now what to do with it. White people problems. Anyone use a financial planner/advisor?
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