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my thoughts exactly. Even in a high appreciative market, a lot of times banks will make you re-use the initial appraisal if its within a certain time frame. Friends bought a condo under value, cleaned it up, then had to sell for a job transfer. They were having problems selling it as everyone agreed based on the changes and the market it was worth a lot more than they paid, but the banks were sticking with their original appraisal and were making it hard to sell.
I have a hybrid top load, that doesnt have a center agitator. best of both worlds. Its a bravos by maytag. no complaints.
Pretty fucking annoying. morally righteous....what a farce. Show of hands....Whos never used the n-word, R-word, F-word, Ginger, Terrorirst, Sand N, K-word, etc.. they are just words.... Its the actions that matter.
All of my styleforum emails are going to spam. What is it with gmail and legit spam. I spend half my email time clearing non junk emails out.
There is a small part of this missing, specifically, if WF is self insuring this/internal subsidiary or they are just selling your info to a 3rd party to underwrite the policy.However, on balance, the answer for me is emphatically no. There is a implied conflict of interest when your bank controls your insurance. In the event of a loss you will have to deal with the bank cutting its losses on your loan, while minimizing their exposure via your policy. If they sell it...
Hi guys - here is my question. I have a worksheet that calculates a pair of values based on a single input. the calculation is based on 13 different variable that are driven by the value of the input. I need to create a table of varying input variables, and their respective output (2) variables. Is there a way, short of manually entering those values onto the table to get excel to run each input variable through that model and return a value in each cell. Basically...
This is a tricky subject. On one hand you have certain needs and requirements today as no-kids that may change when you have kids. One school of thought is that you enjoy the fun smaller houses now, and then when the kids get older you move to the forever house. This is what my wife and I are planning. We live in an old home/cute downtown type situation but I would rather die than try to raise a kid in this house (how did people do it before!~!) , so we will be...
if you cracked a feed line the pressure in the compressor may be too low to trip the pressure sensor.I see you already looked at the capacitor, but I would still replace it, they are super cheap and if you already opened it, I would try that first.
I understand, but I wouldn't make a bad decision based on that fact. The worst thing you can do in any transaction, but especially a real estate transaction is move too fast, get too emotional, etc.. better to pay that 1/4 point and get it right than to rush and regret it later.Again, if you are sweating 10-20K over 30 years/15 years/etc... then you are worried about the wrong thing. tell me about the 10-20K when you need a new roof, or new HVAC.....you'll learn how...
if 1/2 or 1/4% is going to torpedo your deal, then you are stretching way too far.
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