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how about some better pictures of the red chambray and the pink/black plaidish one...
Are they marketed as such?
Find a local jeweler. Give them a budget. Don't go to a mall. I got a phenomenonal deal, got to design part of it and even got to set the main stone! All for probably 1-2k cheaper than the same thing would have been at the mall.
Without sharing too much, there are about 200 named ranges, almost all of them pointing to stuff from years and years ago (2004 budgets, etc...) and almost all of them are #ref. I was looking back at some really old versions of this sheet and all of them showed up in the last year or so, after giving back to the finance guys to do some formula tweaks. My guess is that this stuff got appended somehow. I've found versions of these names in almost all of the sheets...
Hi everyone - I have a spreadsheet (2 actually) that have always been a bit bloated. They are finance spreadsheets created by hardcore finance guys. If I'm good at excel, these guys are wizards. While investigating the bloat, I noticed that there are a ton of named ranges in the document. I know nothing about named ranges as I dont use them. based on the path's for some of them, they are years and years old. Here is my question since I cant ever these guys to pick up...
Me too. Did you subconsciously waggle your finger?
has anyone appealed a property tax assesment? ours just went up about 6% which seems a bit high.
My wife likes to ask the server asinine questions as if this idiot will somehow absolve you from having to make a decision. My favorite is asking them to compare two totally different types of dishes. "which do you like better? The dover sole, or the bimbimbap?" and then, to add insult to injury, she will order something completely safe and random like Lasagna.Oh well...
exactly. how the fuck am I supposed to remember what my favorite movie was when I was 18.
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