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For you Seiko 5 folks....how long is your power reserve? I only get about 10-12 hours of reserve when the watch sits.
I see to keep adding them to my collection. up to three. 1 white, 1 black analog-ish one and 1 black all digital one. Good weekend/casual watch. Have no problem wearing it around the house doing projects, etc... for the price, its a great watch (however you measure such things....)
II use spax brand screws, they claim to have a 600lb pull out
I cant seem to get out of my rut. Havent been sleeping well in months. Work stress is starting to catch up with me. Anxious all the time. Funny story, wife wakes me up last night, not too late, and says she hears something. We had all the windows open since it was nice and cool. I concur that something sounds like crackling wood, and its either coming from across the street, or from the front of our house. I go outside, walk down a little ways, and turns out the...
haha, I got the email with this last night and couldnt figure it out. Makes much more sense.Cracks me up.I'm in my early 30's, but I started with DOS back in the 80's. I still love me some command line interfaces. I dont think I even had a computer with a mouse until 1994.
this - its pretty simple and can be DIY'd unless you have some crazy elaborate system. They are all made of cheap PVC that seems to deteriorate over time. I wonder if PEX is ground burial rated?
I do like Declaration!I ran with D&G PH. Not sure why this was groundbreaking when it came out, not as big of a fan of this as light blue.
Thanks for the advice. the condition or the 'accuracy' of the watch is less important to me than the year. I am trying to create a heirloom that my father would have bought for the occasion of my birth. Long story....
Where would you guys suggest I start if I am looking for a very specific year vintage rolex (1980). Condition is not as important. Any good websites specializing in vintage rolex?
Thats a little strange, as a true HOA has to be registered with the state I believe. Since it has the authority to asses fines and create taxable items, it has be recognized. Plus, with their being a common area component, someone has to maintain it. I am sure there is a process for dissolving one, but not sure if dissolved vs. ignored is the better way to go.Having said that, an HOA can be more restrictive than local municipal law as they are generally created as...
New Posts  All Forums: