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Thanks for the advice. the condition or the 'accuracy' of the watch is less important to me than the year. I am trying to create a heirloom that my father would have bought for the occasion of my birth. Long story....
Where would you guys suggest I start if I am looking for a very specific year vintage rolex (1980). Condition is not as important. Any good websites specializing in vintage rolex?
Thats a little strange, as a true HOA has to be registered with the state I believe. Since it has the authority to asses fines and create taxable items, it has be recognized. Plus, with their being a common area component, someone has to maintain it. I am sure there is a process for dissolving one, but not sure if dissolved vs. ignored is the better way to go.Having said that, an HOA can be more restrictive than local municipal law as they are generally created as...
Still have these?
we stay there every year for a real estate convention. On the plus side, its cheap, and about as well located as you can get. On the minus side, its kind of a shithole. Make sure you get in the new tower, I've heard the old tower (closer to the front) is gross. Plus, that's the one that caught on fire back when it was the Hilton.Pro-Tip, the little Mexican restaurant in the back of the casino bar is awesome.
my thoughts exactly. Even in a high appreciative market, a lot of times banks will make you re-use the initial appraisal if its within a certain time frame. Friends bought a condo under value, cleaned it up, then had to sell for a job transfer. They were having problems selling it as everyone agreed based on the changes and the market it was worth a lot more than they paid, but the banks were sticking with their original appraisal and were making it hard to sell.
I have a hybrid top load, that doesnt have a center agitator. best of both worlds. Its a bravos by maytag. no complaints.
Pretty fucking annoying. morally righteous....what a farce. Show of hands....Whos never used the n-word, R-word, F-word, Ginger, Terrorirst, Sand N, K-word, etc.. they are just words.... Its the actions that matter.
All of my styleforum emails are going to spam. What is it with gmail and legit spam. I spend half my email time clearing non junk emails out.
There is a small part of this missing, specifically, if WF is self insuring this/internal subsidiary or they are just selling your info to a 3rd party to underwrite the policy.However, on balance, the answer for me is emphatically no. There is a implied conflict of interest when your bank controls your insurance. In the event of a loss you will have to deal with the bank cutting its losses on your loan, while minimizing their exposure via your policy. If they sell it...
New Posts  All Forums: