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found this again and it reminded to say that if you keep an eye on Macys/.com they often have crazy clearance sales on suits. I'll order 2-3 different ones in different sizes if I am not sure how it will fit. take back the other ones to the store, and go visit my magician, err...tailor. I only wear a suit a couple of times a year, but I like to get a new one each year for my big trade show to keep it fresh. This year I got two Perry Ellis suits from macys with...
Years ago when I worked at Best Buy we had a clear dishwasher as a demo item. Was cool to watch the thing in action. Basically that center pylon rises up with water pressure and directs the water to the upper areas. (among things). So it its not cleaning well, either, 1) the soap is being dispensed at the wrong time (the door is sticking), 2) the water pressure is not adequate (could be a bad or clogged pump/orifice) , 3) overfilled 4)the center piece is jammed or 4)...
I don't think the issue was with the forum itself, rather the rest of the changes. The Reviews, the Directory, etc... my only bitch about BN before/now is how slow it is.
Can't vent into nothing. Either outside or back inside. It's not about CO it's about comfort. Shooting grease into a wall cavity is a terrible idea.
My wife and I are celebrating 5 years together in October. (dating, not married...thats 2). Originally I had intended for us to take a trip over to England which is part of the story of how we met. However, she's pregnant with our first and due at the end of the year, and that took that trip off the table. I wanted to do something nice for our 5 year, and at the same time try to stretch it into a push present as well. Any thoughts? I'd like to keep the total cost...
For all you short fat guys out there (like me, not hating). I've got this great pair of LL Bean 1912 selvedge jeans. Limited edition - 1835 of 1912, which is kind of cool. I seem to remember these being cone mills denim (the one in NC?). Anyways, these are the typical worker cut, a little baggier than I prefer. fairly stiff, and in great shape. I wore these a few times but never enough to really get anything going with them. They are cut for my midget ass, but there...
I really like the wash/fade on these. Too bad they didnt fit. Good shape. These are actually tagged 2004, so this must have been really early selvedge denim before everyone and their mother started selling it. Despite the age, its a decent looking fit. Waist: 17.5 Inseam 31.5 Rise 11.5 Thigh 10.5 Ankle 9 US shipping is 7, international email for a quote. thanks!
PRPS Barracudas(I think). Really cool wash/fade on these. Great shape. Un-hemmed I believe. Shipping is 7 in US or contact me for international. Waist: 18-19 Inseam: 35 Rise: 9.5 Thigh: 9.5 Ankle 7.5
Waist- about 18" Inseam - 30" Rise - 10" Thigh - 11" Ankle - 8-1/4 Please see pictures. I've never worn these but they look like they are in great shape. I'll ship for $7 to the US, and international needs reach out. Any questions, please ask. I've got some other jeans for sale as well, so shipping can be combined. thanks!
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