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yup. near as I can tell, if you have to go big box, Glidden has never let me down. Just dont get that paint and primer crap. be an adult and do a primer coat, then a regular coat or two of paint.
Actually I do too, and it was even my nickname for my wife when first started dating, however, this couple we don't particularly like named their kid something and then immediately foisted Alex as her nickname, so that's out.
like Jesus Somethingjewish? Ballsy
Holy shit. That was on my boys name list.
How do you do?Character I tell you!
The batteries in my thermostat love to die without any preamble and only seem to last about 3-4 months, so without fail, they will die on the coldest night of the year. We live in a 1920 house with terrible insulation, so waking up when its 50 deg in your house is a riot.
Addison is not terrible, but 1) my god daughter is named adeline 2) I instantly think of the character from Grey's anatomy.I think the fact that girls with boy names get addressed as Mr. is kind of a hoot. we strive for a 'equal treatment' society, but there is no gender neutral form of addressing someone . I'm not advocating some radical feminazi agenda, but as someone who has struggled internally that my last name effectively gives away the fact I am jewish, despite the...
Tron Wu-Tang Clan Somethingjewish has a certain ring to it.
Any of you other Parents have this problem? We are
technically no - they have a fiduciary relationship to protect their client. Plus, true dual agency is frowned upon in most states and illegal in some. You simply cant represent both sides of a transaction.Not using a buyers agent is really foolish. Really foolish.
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