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like Jesus Somethingjewish? Ballsy
Holy shit. That was on my boys name list.
How do you do?Character I tell you!
The batteries in my thermostat love to die without any preamble and only seem to last about 3-4 months, so without fail, they will die on the coldest night of the year. We live in a 1920 house with terrible insulation, so waking up when its 50 deg in your house is a riot.
Addison is not terrible, but 1) my god daughter is named adeline 2) I instantly think of the character from Grey's anatomy.I think the fact that girls with boy names get addressed as Mr. is kind of a hoot. we strive for a 'equal treatment' society, but there is no gender neutral form of addressing someone . I'm not advocating some radical feminazi agenda, but as someone who has struggled internally that my last name effectively gives away the fact I am jewish, despite the...
Tron Wu-Tang Clan Somethingjewish has a certain ring to it.
Any of you other Parents have this problem? We are
technically no - they have a fiduciary relationship to protect their client. Plus, true dual agency is frowned upon in most states and illegal in some. You simply cant represent both sides of a transaction.Not using a buyers agent is really foolish. Really foolish.
Well - IT is finally taking away my beloved blackberry, and replacing it with a iPhone. While I have had an iPhone personally for the last two years, in my mind the blackberry is and will always be the superlative business class device. For 8 years I've relied on its execptional battery life, durability, functionality, reliability, etc... I had a heated conversation with our CIO 2 years ago related to our impending switch and we joked that I would be the last one in...
speaking of shitty water....does anyone have a whole house water filter installed? Been thinking of installing a combination sediment and carbon filter before the baby is born. Nothing really wrong with our water now, but you know, belts and suspenders.
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