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Thank you so much for hosting me in your office yesterday. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet everyone and share what I have to offer to[company] I would be very excited about an opportunity to come work for your company and I hope to hear from you soon with an offer. If there is anything additional I can provide you to help make this decision, please don’t hesitate to ask. The job is somewhat sales related, so I wanted to be a little strong. Thoughts?
The problem is two fold:1. you dont have a cabinet over your range, which means you need a hood meant to be wall hung, and it also needs to 'look good'. It also means you need power to the hood, and are going to have to have that added2. its on an interior wall, which limits your venting options. Ideally you want a unit that exhausts directly to the outside.Sorry bud - Love the white tile, but those are going to get annihilated by cooking grease, especially if you dont...
drum trap??When was house built?
How much?I've got a couple of galvanized pipe runs more clogged than my dad's arteries after a trip to octoberfest?
Does anyone have any experience? Sounds almost too good to be true. Also looking at a Leesa, which is a little newer but similar concept. Thanks
3 DE razors for sale Merkur 23 (I think), this is the smaller travel razor. Great head, but a little too small for my hands - $30 Lord 12 (I think) - great starter/casual razor - $20 No name - This is a beast, gold plate coming off, but wonderful heft to the unit. no distinguishing marks, but could be something special. - $15 Buy all 3 for $50 I'll ship each and any for $5 - international pays own
Great leather weekender bag - latico brand. Bought off another member a couple of years ago, but I dont travel the way I used to and this was just collecting dust. Has a strap as well. I'll ship this for $5 bucks in the US, international you pay full price. Beautiful reddish brown color and soft leather. thanks!
why?especially the bathroom onesif you have an older house, get some of the faux vintage push button switches if you insist on being different.
I think your talking about something different. Your talking about a concentric intake/exhaust system, think pipe in a pipe. He's talking about his actual ducting, which is a no-no because among things it completely screws up the airflow.
Why?Remove ASAP
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