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do you enjoy this? I always thought a position like that would be a lot of fun.
capacitor on an A/C unit is super easy. JUST SHUT THE POWER OFF AND USE NON CONDUCTIVE GLOVES. what is it doing?I think we got a quote for 13K for about 25 windows from one of the local places here. these were 'factory direct' windows, so no brand names. I almost threw the guy out of the house for taking so long to quote us (videos, demos, OMG). decided to keep our charming 1920's windows and just add storms. Next owner can deal with it. so 400/window. Ok...
200 per window installed seems a bit steep, but not crazy. especially installed. having said that, to me its crazy to spend that much on blinds (windows dont even cost that much!), but to each their own. you could DIY for about half that.
yes - In my opinion however, the problem is that appropo of nothing, most older G-shocks get bezel rot and the rubber goes to shit. I've got a couple of 10+ year old models with databanks (think rolodex on your wrist) that work great except the bezel is fried. the modules are fine, and I've had one in my shower for 3 years now, still keeps perfect time. The 5600 (square) are still in production, so even if you had an older module, you could still get a new bezel. It...
plus - Carl Weathers is by no means small. yet, he looks like me (minus the chubby white guy part) next to Arnold.
I seem to be wearing my g-shock more and more and more. comfy, accurate, dont care what happens to it. I had about 10 (yes I did that phase), and I'm down to just two.
commercial real estate
look - in my opinion, any single stone over e 1.5 carats is getting a bit gaudy. Also, unless your fiance is one of those girls, dont get too hung up on the color/clarity. no one is going whip out a loupe to check. . go to an independent jeweler, set a price range, and work with them. I had next to no money put aside for a ring, and honestly, I thought what I got her was smallish, but 5 years later, with all my friends who had money, and had been planning to get...
haha - you bumped this from like 7 years ago. I met my wife 2 months after this. been married for going on 5 years with a kid. turns out you can find the right person, and it turns out when you're with the right person, and at the right stage for it, you can still have great sex even after being married. after the kid on the other hand..... but I digress.... TL;DR its all about it being the right time in your life.
any more pictures? what color is the lining?
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