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just a heads up, on the tortoise pair, I think thats 50x22 which is the size. That second '0' looks like a square. do you have any more pictures of the randolphs? is there any writing under the bridge?
Is this the black faced one?
Gotcha - sorry I missed the first part of the thread. I did a TON of research into this myself when I got obsessed with my HVAC system a couple of years ago. In my case, I found out that there was a C wire connection on the HVAC board, but my installer was too lazy (or too old school to hook it up). I was able to pull wire from the wall back to the furnace to hook this up. I was going to go with a snazzy thermo, but cheeped out and just got a fancy, but dumb Honeywell....
Why can't you use a c wire? Answer that first, I may have an idea for you depending on the answer.
I would be all over these if they were my size. Great price. I have these in the gold and want a silver pair as well. The optical clarity of the lenses are excellent.
There is something very artistic about a good plumbing installation. all the pipes and colors. You should see what a good union commercial installation looks like. I'm amazed they can keep it all straight.Why would you have to do that? You called them. Their supposed to tell you how much it costs, not the other way around. That's like telling a car dealer you want to keep it under 400/month and they come back at 399 on a car that should only cost 350/m. Now your...
That Casio is not a frogman, its a mudman. 9000 I believe....
Lets start with - I always try to underestimate the amount left, so there is probably more then I say. these have all been stored in a cool dark place. I am just trying to make some room for new scents, and clear out some ones I dont really wear. Please ask to combine, make offers, etc... I am somewhat open to swaps, but will be very picky Paypal is included, shipping is not, but shipping will be $5 per bottle, unless you're buying more than one, in which we will work...
its got to be. The site wasn't that old when this was posted.
do you enjoy this? I always thought a position like that would be a lot of fun.
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