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short is definately better
congrats on getting started, master the teep (push kick) and you'll beat most boxers, master the jab and you'll have an edge over most MT fighters this is from personal exprience
just be happy that you have food to eat and forget such frugal, unecessary goals
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbadbuff I think I get your point, but it's a bit 'grey'... care to explain, or is this a failed attempt at turning a phrase?
Quote: Originally Posted by Geno Malkin daft punk, lcd soundsystem, !!! etc this is great, specially for cardio
incubus-privilege and summer romance lostporphets-push out the jive, bring in the love (awesome song, the one i recommend the most) bullet for my valentine-no control rage-no shelter daft punk-harder, better, faster, stronger and digital love papa roach-blood brothers fuel-won't back down nirvana-you know you're right korn-did my time
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs I would say brown, be it tan or darker. More importantly though, avoid red and blue. thanks, what about lighter colors? white, in particular.
what goes best with cords similar to this color or a shade darker?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fade to Black I also think listening to a lot of hip hop helps. Before I discovered hip hop I had the worst self esteem issues and was the biggest social outcast/nerd in school history. I probably still do but it's nowadays covered by a huge mask of confidence. you want to fake confidence? try bumping this while driving through the fresno ghetto (i do from time to time)
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