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Come on, Man United dropeed points today. Is this the time for Chelsea to hunt them down? I think Arsenal are out of it. I'd love to see Fergie blow it! Paolo -------
This remake is pretty riveting. The look of the film is pretty fantastic. Very precise and clean. A totally disturbing watch though, so be warned. It plays with the general infatuation with violence in films. Very menacing. Pitt is excellent and a fine choice. His boyish face is quite frightening in this scenario. Paolo --------
Which footballers do you think head the style ranks? Still Lord Beckham heading the way?] Paolo -------
What's the best restaurant in London in your views, all things considered (food, location, price etc.)? The French Kitchen in Soho is pretty dank but the food is ace - isn't that all that counts? what else but the food makes a great place to eat? Paolo -------
I own a number of awful clothes i cannot throw away. The worst is a yellow blazer that fits perfectly and i hope one day society will embrace me within it. Paolo -------
Come on, what old music are you listening too? At the moment i have dug out some old Shangrila albums and Joni Mitchell. Old is the new new? Paolo -------
How many sit-ups a day is too many? Paolo --------
thanks. Style really - i use asics for anything sports related (still the best!)
I'm looking to get hold of some new sneakers / trainers. Nothing to gaudy. Casual and slick. I like the military style converse and the adidas classics. but looking for a new hot brand..... Any choice advice from you fellas? Paolo ----------
You cannot beat the king of Chin, Burt Lancaster! Paolo -------------
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