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Really? I think it tastes like drain cleaner. And the way the advert tries to IDENTIFY with men who, strangely, seem to despise women, is just awful. Bring back TAB CLEAR!
In china, in the 19th C, they used to use paper as shoes, so this has to be a step up, i guess
What's the most stylish way to go bald (a great concern of mine at the moment!) P --
Okay, let's swap Italian dishes and recipes. here's one for a great bruschetta: INGREDIENTS * 6 roma (plum) tomatoes, chopped * 55 g sun-dried tomatoes, packed in oil * 3 cloves minced garlic * 60 ml olive oil * 30 ml balsamic vinegar * 10 g fresh basil, stems removed * 2 g salt * 0.5 g ground black pepper * 1 French baguette * 225 g shredded mozzarella cheese number of stars READ REVIEWS (473) *...
I love the prep-style of the golfers. Who do you think is the best dressed golfer in this year's Masters/ Tiger's NIKE is a bit garish... P --
I'm looking for some hot summer shades - nothing to geeky. Something pretty slick and retro - any suggestions? P ----
Hoegaarten is the best. it is brewed to perfection for a summer afternoon. Don;t knock it, wait for the weather to warm up and give it a go! Paolo -------
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Eu de Cologne Paolo --------
How many is too much? How many is enough? Do they define the arms or is it just good for strength building? I have been doing 100 press-ups morning and night (so, 200 a day) but see no difference - any advice? Paolo -------
What are the big no-no's with men's bags? I like the cut of a lot of leather bags but they look a bit girly - any recommends? Would like an italian brand.... Paolo -------
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