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Er...Herman's Head p -- http://gentrystyle.com
Celtics, Celtics, Celtics p - http://gentrystyle.com
Has anyone seen the spanish film [REC], it's fantastic - highly recommended for a friday / saturday night scare. What are your favourite modern horrors? P --- http://gentrystyle.com/category/art-culture/
Some very good shaving tips on you tube - especially using an open faced old fashioned razor blade. and some here:http://gentrystyle.com/category/grooming/
What are the best looking shades around? I'm looking for something retro, a little geeky... P --- http://gentrystyle.com/
Do you guys know this label? what do you make of them? Everyone i know thinks they're hot s*** but i think they look dated.... P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Lay off the carbs, eat protein after each bout of exercise, lay off heavy liquids (alcohol, smoothies) and try to cut down on sugars. running is the best exercise to shed fat in the midrift. Hope this helps P --- http://gentrystyle.com
The guardian has this fun article on bad architecture: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/art/2008...ste_forgo.html What's your favorite / least favorite looking buildings? P --- http://gentrystyle.com
Payne Stewart looks amazing. Seve Ballesteros? he looked great when he was young..
I had chilli chicken noodles with soya milkshake. it was simple and fantastic. p -- http://gentrystyle.com
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