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Come on, are there any other Wire fans out there? who's your favourite character? Daniels takes some beating! P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Are Denim shorts just a No, No? I think they can look pretty cool when they're a bit longer. Something like this? http://www.findcoolclothes.com/produ...longshorts.jpg p -- http://gentrystyle.com
I was thinking about the best clothes and accessories for the beach - shorts or speedos? also - any cool beach towels around? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
You cannot beat the converse chucks, man. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Cold teabags. The antitoxidants are also good on the skin. p -- http://gentrystyle.com
Havana is way underrated. The Cooler was an interesting take on hitting 'a streak' P -- http://gentrystyle.com
What are your favourite gambling movies? I have to say, The Hustler cannot be beat. Paul Newman is a devil in it - fantastic. G -- http://gentrystyle.com
CoLab shades, Mark Fothergill washbag. what more do i need? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Come on, take your pick! Both cars are just flippin' ace but, if you had to lay the money down, which would you go for? P -- http://gentrystyle.com/2007/04/05/ma...-aston-martin/
What about Teddy Rhodes? http://murdocklondon.files.wordpress...ddy-rhodes.jpg p -- http://gentrystyle.com
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