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It's a classic, let other people deal with it. You don't want to joing the pinstripe brigade, do you? P --
Of all the young rebels around, is Colin Farrell the best of the bunch - where do you think he rates alongside Brando, Clift, Newman, Dean? P --
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers. A heartbreaker - check it out.
I see a lot of ts shirts with US MILITARY emblazoned on the front. a strange 'brand' for these politically charged times. Are people making a statement or are they just 'wearing a T-Shirt'? P --
Summer will eventually come and I want to know what the rules are for vests - do you have to have a great body to wear one? P --
Hips, for sure. I think it just feels better, more comfortable and gives a good length to rest on your loafers. p --
It obviously depends on how easily impressed your boss is. I it's a small company, i;d say it has no effect as they monitor your work too closely. A larger company and it might create an impression. And, of course - what's the suit? P --
What are the best products for white teeth? P ---
What do you make of the new Portishead album - could be the best yet, i reckon. Worth the 11 year wait? p --
You should give them money if you feel a genuine pathos. It's not really for you to make a judgment on what they spend their money. If your boss disapproved of going to Malibu for the weekend with the wages he'd given you, i'm sure you'd object and say it was none of his business. People invent a sense of 'ownership' over the homeless once they throw them some change. A stiff drink or a hit of drugs is probably more what they want, so let them choose. They might have no...
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