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Make sure your shirts are fitted, and jeans have a good hang. This combination shows good shape on a skinny guy. p -- http://gentrystyle.com
I hear that 'myprotein' is the best non-brand shake. Do they really work and how best to maximise the muscle building? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Any tips? Nothing too baggy. But fitted shorts look too old fashined...what's a chap tp do? p -- http://gentrystyle.com
Maldini must be one of the most stylish footballers of all time. I can;t believe he will be retiring soon - what a legend. Can you think of others who can match him for skill, style and looks? P -- http://gentrystyle.com/2008/05/18/ci...dini/#more-377
Does anyone know this brand? their very cool. I love their cut. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Is it still Mr. Beckham? p -- http://gentrystyle.com
I am looking for a good quality, classic cut trilby. I love the ones here: http://www.hatsandthat.com/otherfeatures_trilbyhats.htm This isn't really a question, just a hat appreciation thread. What are your favourites? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
What are the best caps around for summer? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I'm really loving these for the summer: http://www.trainerstation.com/adidas...ers-p-984.html Great little article here for all you New York sneaker freaks: http://nymag.com/shopping/features/42590/ any suggestions for some slick sneakers? P --- http://gentrystyle.com
I'm a big fan of some of these polo shirts http://tcritic.com/archives/10-polo-...r-polo-shirts/ know of any others? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
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