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You cannot go wrong with Ede and Ranevscroft. Check em out. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Yes, i hear that it cracks the leather after a few months. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Given the choice, what would you go for? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
It's true, their are some great 'pieces' that don;t necessarily play my tune. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I am going to the french coast and wondered if you guys had any 'hot' tips on some cool beach wear? I want to go for a fairly retro look. Whites and tan... P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I'm into penny loafers at the moment. Perfectly retro. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I have been working on my biceps for a while and really see and feel the results. but no matter what i do with my triceps, no dice - they stay puny. Any advice on this guys? any special techniques? p - http://gentrystyle.com
It is all about what you eat but RUNNING is the most effective method to lose any loose gut. Try laying off the alcohol, too. Beer, obviously is a no-no. Low carbs, hight protein. Increase your protein and your sit-ups.
I'm reading the short stories of Franz Kafka - highly recommended for stressed out, anxiety ridden paranoid androids (like me). P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I will be going to Japan next week and want to pick up some great shorts and jeans - what labels should i focus on? Need some style advice! p --- http://gentrystyle.com
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