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Here's a good link to the most stylish men in film: http://gentrystyle.com/2008/02/07/stylish-men-in-film/ Who do you think should win? I think Richard Gere in general is a pretty slick fella!
Don't know if you guys know about this one but here's a thoroughly decent blog on men's style much in the same way as mensflair.com: www.gentrystyle.com i'd also advise a look at the website nymag.com for general updates on men's fashion. I'm thinking of starting up a blog for fashion myself, what would you say makes a good style blog??
This is a great post, thanks. Also, if you're looking for slightly less formal shoes for the summer, check out this one: http://gentrystyle.com/2008/03/11/sn...d-summer-2008/
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