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I love buddy movies - what are your faves? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid rules. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
What do I need to pack in my suitcase? What are the absolute essentials? Came across this neat guide: http://www.start-london.com/start_st...ur-toothbrush/ Any other ideas? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Yeah, Christian Bale sounded like he was about to cough up his contract. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
There's an essential campness - of course - to a musclebound man who dresses in a rubber suit. Come on! P -- http://gentrystyle.com
yes, i like it when the shoes are on top of one another. oooh. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
Skinny tie, for sure - for that 80s used car salesman vibe. P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I'm looking to pick up a cool bike - any suggestions? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I never know what to wear to sporting events. I want to look cool but most of the day is spent hanging around. Came across this: http://www.start-london.com/start_st...sh-grand-prix/ Any recommends? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
I'll be driving along the adriatic coast of Italy and I will have a choice of convertibles to hire - what's the best around, i really wnat to do this in style! P -- http://gentrystyle.com
How many calories should I be eating if i go to the gym for 45 mins every day? I know that 2,500 is the average for most men but what if you are burning a lot of energy? P -- http://gentrystyle.com
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