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Anyone know where i can pick up a decent military coat - like an officer's coat? P --
I think Tom Ford was the designated stylist for the latest film...
I'm sorry, but the whole franchise is so gutless and irrelevant. Quantum of solace is an entirely meaningless title and now the camp nafness has gone, what's left? It all just seems to have lost direction. this sub- Jason Bourne route they're following is only going to offer diminishing returns. I'd like to see them pen some entirely original scripts. are there really any real fans of it left? Paolo -------
what's the easiest trick i can do? Paolo -------
Okay, so i can't let it go... i'm re-watching the first series... of all the series, who are your favourite chracters, and why? Bunk is a goddam superhero of mine. he's so tragically brilliant, so ravaged by being "po-lice" A close second, Clay Davis -- sheeeeeeeet. Paolo -------
I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this brand. they are so swish! anyone have a favourite item? I dare you to name a better menswear brand around at the moment! bring it on.... Paolo -------
What are the really cool ties out there at the moment? I'm looking for something slim. Came across this short guide but looking for more ideas! P --
Anyone else dig this Toy Watch range - i like them because they're kind of goofy. They remind me of those plastic ones from back in the day. P --
I'm looking for a cool, slim and light wallet - has to be fine to the touch. Any recommends? Stumbled on some nice ones here: Any others knocking about i should be aware of? P --
I'm on the prowl for some hot trainers / sneakers - any suggestions? here's some decent ones: P ---
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