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Just went into the "showroom" and placed my first order for a MTM suit (full canvas) and shirt... Looking forward to seeing how it goes!
BNIB SWIMS Loafers in Size 11. Great for dock, beach, or loafing around time. Retail price is $149. Shipping to Canada is $15 and to the US is $25 by Canada Post method with tracking number. Thanks a lot!
Just looking for people's thoughts on these shoes and how to wear them: They were created by Allen Edmonds in partnership with the Parsons design school.
Got any 38Rs left...?
Beautiful stuff and great prices... If only they were my size!
Measurements please?
Brown Soho in 10.5D!
Any material left in sleeves to lengthen?
Damn! What was the price??
What's the colour? It's hard to tell (for me at least).
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