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Personally I never have them, as I wouldn't store anything in them anyway. I have no problems with others having them. however.
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog I'm quite fed up with the bureaucracy and creeping privatisation of UK higher education and I've started looking elsewhere. So I've just been shortlisted for a junior faculty position in a humanities department in Germany. I'm really unfamiliar with that environment. Any recommendations for the interview? What's the standard, suits or flannels and sportcoats? It's a tough life being an academic...!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Don't change it. You're right on trend for "The Suit of the Season". Srlsy, the 1-button is a bonafide classic. And sometimes the lapels/quarters are cut in a way that emphasizes the single button and would look weird if you added the second one. Btw, anyone know the protocol of buttoning the jacket with a vest on a 1-button? Shouldn't you leave the jacket unbuttoned on a typical 3-piece? There's no...
Quote: Originally Posted by ELG sorry about that.
Quote: Originally Posted by ELG Finally, my new chan suit arrived. I love the Minnis sharkskin. The fabric was a relative bargain and its fits, and looks, great, in my opinion. I am posting some pictures. Turn the bloody pictures around, I'm creaking me neck.
No turnups, ever.
You only fasten 1 button on a 2 button jacket. So, nobody is going to notice. Therefore, one button is fine for the office.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Grant is outfitted in Kilgour in North By Northwest, but he used a few SR tailors in his lifetime, as many people like that often do. I think every man and his dog has claimed to have made that suit. In fact it was made by a tailors called Quintino of Beverley Hills.
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee It seems as if A&S and Hunstman (maybe Poole, too) dominate the discussion of SR bespoke on the interwebs: what about Kilgour? I like their relative stylishness, their lower prices, the fact that they visit the states regularly, and their discount for "young executives". Does anybody have personal experience with them? I'm considering bespeaking something simple, like a navy blazer, and I'd like to find a good...
For dining: Bellevue Restaurant Mlynec Restaurant Bar wise, no recommendations just follow your nose.
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