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Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman This is loosely what used to happen in the seventies when kids did an eleven plus exam and those more academically inclined would go on to a prep school and study vocational traditional degrees. Those less academically inclined could do woodwork, metalwork etc. (or typin, book keeping, nursing for girls) and go on to get engineering apprenticeships and due to strong unions end up time served with well paid jobs. It...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac I have my education paid by the taxpayers, but I'm not justifying stupidity with popular opinion. I think it's wrong. Of course there's going to be the few people who depend on EMA, but for the most part, it's money to spend on drink and drugs and other luxuries. I hope they take it away. Of course you will always find extra money useful, but useful isn't the same as necessary. I remember back in the '80s...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar David Cameron and Osborne had their education paid by the taxpayers... Double standards everyone? Their tuition fees would have been paid, but their education grants, for housing, food etc. would have been means tested, and given their respective parents wealth, they'd have got fuck all. Like me. The whole student fees thing seems unfair, but is it really? Consider, why should someone who starts work at 16,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Geezer My objection to 5-button cuffs and contrast stitching, and my undecideness about peak lapels on an SB is precisely that they are currently fashionable, but not, in any meaningful sense, traditional. DB lapels on a SB coat are not a new phenomenon, they've been around quite a while. As for the DB lapeled SB jacket being fashionable or 'fashion forward' that is a spurious argument at best.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will The classic peak lapel SB is a semi-formal suit for day wear, one step below the stroller. It has double vents, one button or two, and jetted pockets. Ticket pockets and slanted pockets are certainly possible but detract in my opinion. I think it depends on the cloth. I have tweed coats cut with DB lapels, hacking and ticket pocket and IMO, they look good. On a hard worsted, no-ish.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS My Richard Anderson single-breated peaked-lapel coats have one button ... and hacking pockets (including ticket). Also, I leave one cuff button open given my affinity for the height of vulgarity. That said, I do use a second coat maker that doesn't go for slanted pockets ... but does make for me a SB PL coat (with ticket pocket). I still leave one button on each cuff open. I'm just too committed to the look of vulgarity...
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Minnis brown / white houndstooth. 10.5 oz How's the Russell Plaid coming along...?
Whatever knot you damn well please.
Here is the effect: J.J Minnis' Dorchester range.
I think Sanguis Mortuum is correct.
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