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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Why I'll have you know ... ellipses are my personal ... private ... SF secret code. I believe it was RJman ... or was it Voxsartoria ... or Manton ... no it was RJman ... who once accused me ... can you imagine ... of using ellipses the way ... Whitney Houston ... formerly used ... breath control. ...er...er...hmmmmmm...!!!
Getting back on track for a while. My own view of Luca is that he has been given the role of 'Poster Boy' for the RTW side of things. I think he does it quite well to be honest. Those seeking a 'quieter' more discrete style will naturally gravitate towards Papa R. IMO.
What about a 2 Roll 3...?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia Ok and then I'll ask , Why couldn't I wear jeans with pinstripes if your " loved star" can wear those ridiculous and circus garments ? Snobism? Lack of personality to criticise? Proud to be Spalla. Spalla, I love you...no homo...!!!
Ahh, so they've found a better use for teh drape. Good show.
^I always new them as Seggs, but that may change from region to region.
Russell Plaid at the back there RSS...?
This is everything the Jacob Kozzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....inn thread could have been. I approve.!!!
Nothing of any originality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman Some do, yes. Murders may be committed out of desperation, for example. Significantly, murder, rape and child molestation are typically not committed due to love of money, and so Greger is still incorrect. Well, it depends on how you define desperation. I'm not quite sure whether Gregor is right or wrong, if you know what I mean.
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