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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I was not aware that Juan Trippe was an engineering concern. Pan Am...? What I mean is that [modern] planes aren't designed to look pretty, even though they may have a certain beauty, this beauty is derived from engineering concerns not aesthetic ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Sometimes that bland German car can be quite useful. I recall a time when my mechanic put it this way: "Given the seven vintage cars you now own, I can almost promise you'll have a car to drive on a daily basis." But, yes, I do prefer the style of a "Morgan-ish" sytle car. Now George, I hope you don't take this attitude when it comes to airplanes. I really don't want to trade in my current one for a Lockheed Electra...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn I imagine when I have reached maturity with this bespoke thing, I would be like above . . . - M I just don't care, if a buttonhole isn't perfect or the pattern doesn't match exactly. I just enjoy my stuff.
I struggle to get excited about button holes, pattern matching too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
I think whnay needs to send the coat arm back for refurbishment...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Have you ever been in a A8? It's not exaclty your housekeeper's Audi. I say that recalling a conversation with a Maybach driver in Hong Kong. I commented that I didn't feel the need to drive a Maybach given what Mercedes offers. He responded, "This is Hong, Kong. The gardner drive Mercedes." Well, firstly I wasn't taking a pop at the brand, just the model. I have driven an A8 as it happens, it was a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Fly on a commercial jet? Surely you jest! Given the piccie, surely that should be Shirley...?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Yes ... but it's ... a Lexus. If you can live with that ... good for you. I couldn't. Bloody Audi...? Shouldn't you be driving some open top sportster like a Morgan or something...?
Classic, boring but most!!
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt You never call. You never write. IIRC, weren't you a considering a Russell Plaid sports coat at one point...?
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