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Then we both agree. Drinks all around. Have you visited the Rubinacci thread recently? Buttonholes again.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Yes. Not completely true. For example, the upper deck on the 747 was Juan's idea. It did not originate with Boeing or the engineers. Then again, I've never thought of the upper deck of the 747 as particularly beautiful ... but it is a significant part of the design. But in all sincerity, beauty is often very much one of the first concerns of the companies that build planes. Given that my family is associated with...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I was not aware that Juan Trippe was an engineering concern. Pan Am...? What I mean is that [modern] planes aren't designed to look pretty, even though they may have a certain beauty, this beauty is derived from engineering concerns not aesthetic ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Sometimes that bland German car can be quite useful. I recall a time when my mechanic put it this way: "Given the seven vintage cars you now own, I can almost promise you'll have a car to drive on a daily basis." But, yes, I do prefer the style of a "Morgan-ish" sytle car. Now George, I hope you don't take this attitude when it comes to airplanes. I really don't want to trade in my current one for a Lockheed Electra...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn I imagine when I have reached maturity with this bespoke thing, I would be like above . . . - M I just don't care, if a buttonhole isn't perfect or the pattern doesn't match exactly. I just enjoy my stuff.
I struggle to get excited about button holes, pattern matching too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
I think whnay needs to send the coat arm back for refurbishment...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Have you ever been in a A8? It's not exaclty your housekeeper's Audi. I say that recalling a conversation with a Maybach driver in Hong Kong. I commented that I didn't feel the need to drive a Maybach given what Mercedes offers. He responded, "This is Hong, Kong. The gardner drive Mercedes." Well, firstly I wasn't taking a pop at the brand, just the model. I have driven an A8 as it happens, it was a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Fly on a commercial jet? Surely you jest! Given the piccie, surely that should be Shirley...?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Yes ... but it's ... a Lexus. If you can live with that ... good for you. I couldn't. Bloody Audi...? Shouldn't you be driving some open top sportster like a Morgan or something...?
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