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I went 2 down from my SJ size
^love the look
I was thinking of Calis, I have V-boys which taper nicely but they stretch out so fast and I didnt size down. I bought thin finns before and they were way too tight in the thighs, someone on superfuture said Cali's werent the way to go as Cali's fit similar to finns?
Hmm, I didnt know that. I might look for the cures. THey arn't selvedge right? LA: I actually have a pair of slim jims as well. They're more comfortable, but I really prefer the NS cutting, and the fact that theyre selvedge and cheaper is good too. Do you think I could handle acne Max's? Cause the NS as just about as tight as my thighs can handle
Not sure if this is the right place to post this. But, does anyone have a recommendation for a cut similar to apc new standards? I love the way my new standards are cut and I'm looking for a new project. Something with similar thigh space to the NS, maybe with slightly more taper?
pics before and after wash as well.
Nice canes Rnr. When was your first wash? Is the 1947 501 fit similar to apc new standard?
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