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Cheap mondays are probably your best bet. Get them at Caliroots Denimbar
The gucci monogram looks hideous as it is, let alone on a shoe. Even the red prada strip looks bad. Only logo ive seen that was nicely done is the white YSL high top sneakers
New standards pending payment
1) SOLD 2) Sugarcane 1945b (lee repro) Tagged size 31x34, warm soaked once, worn around house once True waist is around 30 inches NOW $100 shipped to N America 3) Converse Leather chucks (Size 10US, 9UK) Worn twice NOW $20 shipped Puma pele brazil (Size 10US, 9UK) Worn 3-4 times NOW $25 shipped 4) Micheal Kors shirt, size S(Fits more like an M) Brand new NOW $30 shipped
Dont really like the polo + tie thing, and maybe a different polo colour?
Bump, just send the jeans for repair today size 29x34
do you happened to be named after a vegetable? ^ang_kangkong
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