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Okay I need money for new ink so here goes stuff I dont use anymore for cheap. Top left: green H&M blazer, never used. SOLD to the right: Tank theory tee size SOLD Right: APC cures, size 31, $45 shipped down: H&M sriped sweater, XS, SOLD Far Left: Blue/purple RL polo, size M(custom fit), $20 to the right: Used teal RL polo. size S, SOLD top left: Abercrombie white tee, size S: $5 right: Diesel Red tee, size S: $5 right: American Rag polo, size S, $5 right: Threadless...
Cm's are $40 shipped
Iron Army's sold
1) Cheap monday skinnys (30x36) Tried on once, didnt fit, stretch denim $40 + $5 shipping 2) Iron Army Sebastian (30x34) Bought off a superfuture member, I never wore it out, didnt like the fit. Really comfortable though. Low rise slim fit $100 + $8 shipping 3) Dior Homme (tagged size 28, true size 30) Worn 2x max. 18.5cm hem $200 + $8 shipping I can also ship overseas, just PM me if you have any questions, need measurements,...
Bootcut ola?
It'd work witha different cardigan.Prefably one w/o stripes
I have diesel zathans (30), yarik (30 i think), slammer(29), I wear size 28 in NS, I could probably fit into a 27, but that will be really tight.
Sugarcanes $90 shipped
MJ vans gone, NS gone. $-5 off everything else
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