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God the rockers look like crap on their model and look so beautiful on contextclothings model
Both sold
Nope, cotton
Okay, sleeve length is 24.5 inches, Im not sure how to take shoulder to shoulder because im still getting aroung 16-17 inches
17.5 armpit to end of sleeve
16 shoulder to shoulder 18.5 pit to pit 27.5 top to bottom
H&M M-65, size S, Lightweight, great spring/summer jacket $40 shipped H&M Blazer, size 46, which equates to an S $60 shipped
pp@yoox Free ship + 5% off, not sure if its still on
Theyve been washed 2x. I'm prepared to go down to $330 considering they're quire rare and are from a past season.
Glad you liked them, Last bump before ebay later today
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