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@mgm for the robuchon dish, how did you get the tomato into one single flat piece?
I've been in the Guy savoy kitchen, the steaks are cut into about 1.5 inch strips, seared, then rested. The top flap is thinly sliced off to reveal the interior, then with the flap on, it goes under the salamander. Then before service the flap gets tossed I'm wondering if its even worth slicing the steak into strips or just cooking the entire slab as a whole
For cooking beef, I've had better experiences cooking tender cuts of beef on a cast iron skillet rather than sous vide. At least I have achieved similar consistencies with an instant read thermometer and a skillet as I have with an immersion circulator + hard sear for crust. The crust on the skillet only steaks usually have much better crust. Binchotan not really an option
Okay, I rarely post here, but I need some help on a piece of beef I do not want to fuck up. I have a slice of kobe beef from osaka and I want to figure out the ideal way to cook it. So far my plan is to bring it up to room temperature Slice it into thick strips(For size reference, pls refer to the picture below from guy savoy) Blast it with a hair dryer to dry out the surface Freeze it for 10 minutes to make sure the exterior is dry Render some of the solid fat in a...
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Quote: Originally Posted by tedadoret mis: im thinking of getting that exact same corpus hoodie. how is the quality? and do those middle buttons on your belly have any function? Its really lightweight, wont keep warm The buttons help to close vertical pockets at the waist, but the hood itself is quite difficult to figure out
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