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Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Why is it funny? I know you don't get this, but in general, people don't have to connect 2 crimes or actions. People don't take a kind view of even "alleged" rapists let alone convicted rapists. So to come in and without any evidence whatsoever claim that two women lied, sweden lied, america is pulling the strings in some sort of global conspiracy...well it's very clear who has the axe to grind because that person...
where else do you get world news in english language besides economist and russian today?
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah If a large bus were to hit you this morning, the world would be a better place. I am guessing there are quite a few people on here who would pay to drive that truck. always nice to hear the intent to silence different views. thats what made mossad and nazi so special.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Swede From a Swedish perspective: The two women are almost certainly not secret CIA operatives. Assange probably acted like an asshole The women went to the police when they found out he was sleeping with them both. The reason the first prosecutor threw out the case is because it seems to only involve Assange taking off/sabotaging his condom. Luckily, for the following prosecutor, Swedish rape laws are very...
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt wasn't your point that date rape isn't the same as rape? the term "date rape" won't be invented if it is the same as "rape".
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah You aren't Whoopi Goldberg and this isn't your homeland China - no means no, there is no rape vs rape rape. Sorry. And an alleged rapist is *NOT* a rapist. USA is not yet West Israel and we have the legal right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnsNotHere Ignore list works for me. Fucker has bumped threads from 2002. What a dick But surprisingly the complaints are still very current. Square toe shoes, chin lubes, A&F, etc
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage ^ do you really believe that it is gone for good? or that the leaks will stop? those who do are delusional Wikileaks is gone from the land of the free. Oops, or is it the land of the not so free. Quote: Originally Posted by haganah "wikileaks is exposing US human rights abuses and shows that no government is above the law" This is the shit that I have to deal with. I not only...
Quote: Originally Posted by T4phage ^ contents are mirrored all over the web eg cryptome it will never dissapear plus the lovely insurance.aes file is distro'd everywhere Still, WikiLeaks is being silenced. Website gone, warrant on owner for nothing. Or like they say in China, harmonized. In Soviet America, news censors you.
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