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Make me a reasonable offer
I have a size M and a size L Parajumpers jacket for sale. The jacket says slim fit chest on the label, and they do run small, maybe like Diesel or G Star Raw sizing for example? So go by the pictures of the measurements to be 100% before you decide to get it from me.
Sounds like the 9.5 is too long. You don't want your feet sloshing around inside your shoes. Look for wider width or different last.
In looking at pictures of shoes on here, I see that some of you polish the soles of your shoes. Why? And after you start wearing those shoes, do you keep polishing the worn parts? I don't understand the logic behind polishing leather soles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gravitas Does anyone have any experience with modeling? I would really love to try my hand at it as I have the right figure for today's climate. This desire is the reason for my decision to go to school near NYC. Any experiences or tips? Get some photos taken and comp cards done up, then shop yourself around. Go to school first, think about modeling or whatever second. It is extremely unlikely you'll be successful...
I know what you're talking about. This book will help point you in the right direction towards wherever you're going It's not exactly what you're talking about but I believe it discusses this phenomenon and also many similar things that you'd probably be interested in. hope that helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marcus Brody What are you wearing with the jeans? I generally prefer brown, but it entirely depends what I'm wearing shirt/jacket-wise. Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 It depends on whats on top. Quote: Originally Posted by wyee06 brown shoes. but it really depends on what else you're wearing Quote: Originally Posted by...
What do you guys prefer? Black shoes with jeans or Brown shoes with jeans. Leather soled shoes, not athletic shoes.
What do you guys think about these shoes?
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