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Important note for those of you interested in Gazzarrini - the Spring shipment just came into Philly today, including a large selection of suits. I expect that 34th, 57th East Side and Soho will get nice assortments as well. Also of note was an array of merchandise from Verdi & Kennedy, formerly La Camicera Italiana, a boutique located at 509 Madison Ave. in NYC, between 52nd & 53rd St's (http://www.verdikennedy.com/). All of it was high quality stuff, made in Italy,...
Semi-self-promotion, but if anyone out there wants to leave a comment on my most recent post on the blog, it'd be much appreciated. http://yellowbaggers.blogspot.com/
I literally saw one item from Dunhill. Nice, but didn't think it was photo worthy. You'll be lucky if there are half a dozen Dunhill items spread across the entire chain - these are samples from a knitwear manufacturer (Teodori) that produces for a bunch of different labels.The one post where I mentioned that was a sort of "I wish" type thing. I don't believe you'll be seeing PT01's at Daffy's, unless they offer me a full-time job, which I'd gladly accept
Quick merchandise update -- additional samples of knitwear came in from Teodori this week, including items from Dunhill and Jil Sander -- cotton sweaters all under $40. The store down here also got in a small assortment of linen blazers from David Chu (made in Italy) for $69.99, w/original retail of between $850-$1000 - this stuff retails in Saks, though it looks like it came from the David Chu parent company, b/c I also saw some shirts from Lincs, the David Chu diffusion...
They often move stuff around if it's not selling, but I would be surprised if the Tyrone's merchandise went somewhere else. They often split that stuff up amongst other stores, but this fall, everything went to 44th & Bway store. If it did go somewhere else, you'll see it on the blog as I will be hitting up most of the NYC stores this weekend.
The red labels on the price tag only mean there's been a discount - you can always get further discounts if they're available. Something marked 'FINAL SALE', however, means that the item cannot be returned. Hope that helps.
Rarely spend more than $30-45 on a tie. Given, I buy all my ties at places like Daffy's, Century 21 and the like, but they are the same high quality stuff you'd be spending $100-$200 on at a regular retail store (for example, Altea, Ferre, Moschino). And for those that like Drake's ties, I've seen those pretty regularly at Neiman Marcus Last Call stores for under $50 (leftovers from Bergdorf's). Often with this kind of stuff, as many have mentioned with thrift stores, it's...
I don't think you're going to see that (i.e., jacked up prices). But if I had my way, you'd also be seeing PT01's, and a whole host of other Italian pants rather than racks full of Banana Republic rejects.
Usually 34th St. is the consolidation store.. Last season, Philly got a huge amount of consolidation from the New York stores, as they have extra space that is not normally used. After that, what was left over was sent to Paramus, NJ. So it may vary by season, but 34th St. is probably a good bet if you're looking for some fall/winter markdowns.
Should be on the blog later this week
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