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They often move stuff around if it's not selling, but I would be surprised if the Tyrone's merchandise went somewhere else. They often split that stuff up amongst other stores, but this fall, everything went to 44th & Bway store. If it did go somewhere else, you'll see it on the blog as I will be hitting up most of the NYC stores this weekend.
The red labels on the price tag only mean there's been a discount - you can always get further discounts if they're available. Something marked 'FINAL SALE', however, means that the item cannot be returned. Hope that helps.
Rarely spend more than $30-45 on a tie. Given, I buy all my ties at places like Daffy's, Century 21 and the like, but they are the same high quality stuff you'd be spending $100-$200 on at a regular retail store (for example, Altea, Ferre, Moschino). And for those that like Drake's ties, I've seen those pretty regularly at Neiman Marcus Last Call stores for under $50 (leftovers from Bergdorf's). Often with this kind of stuff, as many have mentioned with thrift stores, it's...
I don't think you're going to see that (i.e., jacked up prices). But if I had my way, you'd also be seeing PT01's, and a whole host of other Italian pants rather than racks full of Banana Republic rejects.
Usually 34th St. is the consolidation store.. Last season, Philly got a huge amount of consolidation from the New York stores, as they have extra space that is not normally used. After that, what was left over was sent to Paramus, NJ. So it may vary by season, but 34th St. is probably a good bet if you're looking for some fall/winter markdowns.
Should be on the blog later this week
Honestly, no idea. I know that they usually pick one store where all the remainders get sent and are marked down very significantly. The stuff that doesn't sell at all after that, my guess would be that it is donated somewhere. I know that Ross Dress for Less has a policy of donating items that don't get sold, as stores like this are kind of a last resort for merchandise.
A few notes -- 1) Re: Mabitex -- I've been told that the reason there were no Mabitex pants this prior season is because Mabitex SpA went out of business. Admitted that Yoox has some Mabitex up for Spring, but my guess is that may be some left overs from a year or so ago, or they got whatever was left when the company went under. 2) Jey Cole Man merchandise is out in every store. This stuff is really nice, and it appears they got in decent volume for a change. For those...
Yes, read the second entry - "Carrel S.p.A is a subsidiary of Milena Confezioni S.p.A."
Yes, Carrel shirts are pretty good. They are made by Milena SpA, as are most of the other shirts in stores right now until the Spring selection from Sait comes in -- Milena makes for a wide range of labels, but you'll mostly find stuff from Marcus, Del Siena, B>More and Carrel (the latter three being their own brands). All the boxed shirts you might see in store are from Milena, outside of the ones marked 'Crispino'.A side note to those interested in pants -- I have not...
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