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Feel free to check out the blog for recent updates on merchandise. But I have sad news to report at this time -- word coming from Philebrity.com is that the Philadelphia store will be closing on September 30th, and I expect there will be other closings as well. I am in deep state of mourning right now. UPDATE: A commenter on the blog indicated that he visited an NYC location today, and was told that ALL locations would be closed by October 31st. This is a sad day indeed. :'(
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This was the best info I found at the time. Hope it helps. http://www.reportlinker.com/ci02122/Men-s-Clothing.html http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/29/us-usa-retail-luxury-idUSBRE82S15R20120329
I just assumed this was the boutique's house brand. I've seen many house labels carried on Yoox over the years.
Just wondering if anyone has knowledge on the "Shirts & Ties" brand of suits/sportcoats on Yoox. Thinking about picking up one of the suits, but cannot find any information on the company (a name like that doesn't exactly make it easy for searching). Thanks! EDIT: Of course, within 5 minutes of posting, I just found what I believe to be the company behind the Yoox label - http://shirtsandties.it/ - what appears to be a small boutique in Italy. If anyone has purchased one...
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I have found that Daffy's often gets in a selection of Zegna trousers w/the Incotex shipments. So I believe it is that Inco produces for Zegna.
I used to sell a lot here on SF, but had to give that up due to time constraints of my current job. However, as some of you may know, I'm a bit obsessed w/the north east chain of stores called Daffy's, particularly their Italian merchandise. I've recently started poking around to see what wholesale prices are like on that kind of merchandise (the better stuff), and it got me thinking about starting a website retailing Italian closeouts -- think a curated version of...
My guess is these were left over Incotex from earlier in the Spring season. If you still have the Daffy's price tag on them, can you do me a favor and check the vendor code and season code on the pants? (see here re: how to decipher the price tag -- http://yellowbaggers.blogspot.com/2011/06/anatomy-of-daffys-hang-tag.html)
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