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There is admittedly a lot of junk around the stores right now, but wanted to point out the big finds from last week -- a bunch of random suit labels came in, and particularly of note to those here on SF, there were one or two Paul Smith and Hackett suits floating around (some in Philly, some in Soho), and the 34th St. store had a (yes, singular) beautiful Billy Reid Heriloom line suit (fully canvassed, made in USA) in a Size 40 for $149.99 -- if it is still there, it was...
Benson is an American label, often carried at Gilt. Decently made stuff, and worth the prices that Daffy's is charging. C21 is selling the same items at around twice the price right now.
Quick note -- Daffy's just got in a new batch of leathers, which includes items from Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans, as well as other items from less-known labels like Brogden and RA-RE. Really great stuff an insanely low prices.
Yes -- that is merchandise from Copen Group. They make, among other things, Pennesi and Royal Hem, and are contract manufacturers for lots of labels. Always nicely made stuff if you can get your hands on it. Suits are usually half-canvassed, and slim fit. Feel free to PM w/any particulars.
Ties all up on eBay, as they need to be moved. All at drastically reduced prices. If interested, you can purchase through eBay, or feel free to PM directly to get those prices. The Armani tie is not up on eBay due to some silly technicality eBay has w/selling Armani items (they won't let you place in 3-day listings for some reason), but i will sell that for a low price as well if you are...
Up for sale are nine ties from Emma Willis, Drakes, Ferragamo, Armani and Etro When PM'ing, please refer to the item number from the post below along with the item description. Images for each item are numbered in the pictures. Please PM if you require higher-res pics. Price listed is the same for US & Canada. Offers are accepted at lower prices -- these items need to move quick. Please PM for pricing outside the US & Canada. I have sold plenty on SF before, but this...
Ha. There are a lot of Daffy's-only brands being lost w/the closing of the chain (Mastai Feretti/Truzzi, Del Siena, Gazzarrini, Jey Cole Man...). Unless the men's buyer winds up at a place like Century 21, I foresee a lot of these brands disappearing from the States for a while, though, Incotex will still be available elsewhere, just not at Daffy's prices. I will touch base w/some of my connections and see if they know where that buyer is headed. If not, I am thinking...
There have been two store openings in the last few years -- one in Times Square, another in the Bronx at co-op city. The thing is they added those two stores, and revenue stayed the same, but of course, expenses went up. There are a lot of additional problems and a lot of other issues that the company has faced in the past few years, but it would take me an hour to go over everything.
Feel free to check out the blog for recent updates on merchandise. But I have sad news to report at this time -- word coming from Philebrity.com is that the Philadelphia store will be closing on September 30th, and I expect there will be other closings as well. I am in deep state of mourning right now. UPDATE: A commenter on the blog indicated that he visited an NYC location today, and was told that ALL locations would be closed by October 31st. This is a sad day indeed. :'(
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