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Gazzarrini is great stuff. Made well, though sometimes construction is left behind in favor of fashion. The line is very slim fitting and fashion forward. www.gazzarrini.eu
I had posted that on the Twitter feed. It is a brand called Fugato, made by a company called Papa & Sons Srl, out of Italy, but no one in the States carries their merchandise from what I know. They mainly do business in Japan. If everything works out well, I may have some of it available for sale in October, but I'm still working on that.
Just a quick PSA - At least down here in Philly, the liquidators have moved in and have started discounting -- all menswear items are now an additional 10% off.
Ditto on the David Chu. Royal Hem/Pennesi/De Curtis are all made by http://www.copengroup.com. Their stuff is made decently, usually half-canvassed, but the fit is what is so great about it -- Chu is much more generously proportioned, while the Copen Group items are generally very fitted and better for the slim folks out there. If it means anything, one of the Copen Group blazers I saw had a Lardini label inside, and I also saw a pair of pants from Copen group that were...
All the stores got in a big load of the shirts. The problem is that the warehouse is now shipping out merchandise faster than it can be put out in the stores b/c of space constraints. So each of the stores will have a good selection, but they have about 3-5x's what's out on the floor sitting in the stock room, simply because there is nowhere to put it right now. Make sure you check the folded shirts area --- a number of the stores, at least in Jersey, are putting them out...
Just returned from a stop at the Philly store -- beautiful blazers and coats from Copen Group -- makers of Pennesi, Royal Hem and others. It is an unknown manufacturer to those here on SF, but is truly beautiful stuff. Additionally, I was told a truck w/10,000 pieces will be coming in tomorrow, so I expect that to be the biggest shipment that they will be getting in. For those looking for the Saitt/Mastai Ferretti shirts, I expect they will be on this week's truck if you...
Free Shipping w/code HEATWAVE until 8/3 at 9am EST.
There is admittedly a lot of junk around the stores right now, but wanted to point out the big finds from last week -- a bunch of random suit labels came in, and particularly of note to those here on SF, there were one or two Paul Smith and Hackett suits floating around (some in Philly, some in Soho), and the 34th St. store had a (yes, singular) beautiful Billy Reid Heriloom line suit (fully canvassed, made in USA) in a Size 40 for $149.99 -- if it is still there, it was...
Benson is an American label, often carried at Gilt. Decently made stuff, and worth the prices that Daffy's is charging. C21 is selling the same items at around twice the price right now.
Quick note -- Daffy's just got in a new batch of leathers, which includes items from Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans, as well as other items from less-known labels like Brogden and RA-RE. Really great stuff an insanely low prices.
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