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Opening up a new online retail store featuring shirts, suits, pants, etc..., but don't really know the first thing about photography. I basically just need a solid camera (probably w/a lens) plus a backdrop and lighting so that everything comes out properly for an online display. Any suggestions as to the proper setup (brands and models in particular)? I'm definitely looking to go for something used rather than full retail, as my funds are limited at this point.
Just announced on Facebook -- Yoox sample sale will start this Friday, accessible via a special link for Facebook fans.
Worried about directions and such -- is it easy enough to figure out GPS and road signs in Italy?
Heading over to Italy on a buying trip for a new business venture. Will be starting out in the north near Milan, and leaving from the southeast, in Bari. Basically, I'm looking for a car service that can take me from place to place, i.e., to and from various hotels and businesses I will be visiting. The problem is that I don't want anything fancy and am on a very limited budget, so the whole limo-type thing is not what I'm looking for, just more like a cab service that...
All sorts of stuff, but the first thing I noticed was about a $300 drop on the Caruso suits.
PSA -- Looks like new drops just took place on Spring items.
Yes, the company will go forward regardless. The money would have helped advertising and allowed for a bigger starting budget, but it will be going forward nonetheless. Can you link me to the Incotex thread?
If anyone's interested, I've posted new rewards up on the Indiegogo site, w/three pieces for Fall/Winter fitting size 36-38US - two leathers (Patrizia Pepe and Gazzarrini) and a wool coat from Jey Cole Man. And no, this will not be the camera I use for the site in case you're wondering
Thanks! If you're a small-sized guy (read: size 36-38 blazer), I will have special rewards up this weekend if you want to wait til then - i.e., NWT pieces from Daffy's.As for the Daffy's locations, C21 is rumored to be moving into the Philly location. The only other site that would be large enough to accommodate a C21 would be the Herald Square spot, but given that they recently opened a location near Lincoln Center, I don't think that will happen.
I shared this news with some of you recently, but wanted to make a formal announcement to the broader SF community via this thread. Starting in mid or late November, I will be starting up an online retail site featuring discounted European menswear called PEURIST. The site will be focused on bringing the quality, fit and style of European menswear to America at affordable prices -- hence the 'EU' in PEURIST. We plan to offer both business and casual attire, targeting...
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