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Up for sale are several samples from Carlos Campos, all new w/out tags. Five pairs of wool pants, and a rather funky wool topcoat. Please note that these are all samples and many items do not proper labeling - materials/care tags are non-existent on all but one of the items, sizing is only on a few of the pants, and some items do not have the 'Carlos Campos' label. So please read the descriptions of each item carefully and look at the measurements for sizing information....
Up for sale is a Brunello Cuccinelli Cotton Blazer, and 5 pairs of Mabitex pants, 4 cottons (36-38) and 1 wool (32). When PM'ing, please refer to the item number from the post below along with the item description. Price listed is the same for US & Canada. Please PM for pricing outside the US & Canada. Buying/Shipping Info: 1. Only Paypal is accepted in order to ensure a speedy shipment. 2. Shipping w/in the US: Shipping w/in the US is sent USPS Priority Mail w/Tracking...
More price drops.
Price drops.
Final price drops.
No opinion on the authenticity, but it always puts me off a bit when ebay listings have easily noticeable typos and grammatical errors - "Buyer can take this blazer to any Dolce & Gabbana retails stores or any department stores to authenticated"
Final price drop.
Price drops on all items. Major price drops on the sportcoats.
Looking for a leather messenger bag along the lines of what JCrew is carrying as their postal bag. Pic below. The JCrew one would be great, but looking for something a bit more affordable.
Price drops on all items.
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