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Right now, directly through the website is only U.S., mainly b/c calculating international shipping fees is quite a pain and will take some additional time to figure out. But if there's anything you like, send me a PM and we can work something out, and I can adjust online inventories accordingly.
Just wanted to officially announce on this thread that my dream has finally become a reality -- PEURIST.COM has finally launched. There's a select group of merchandise currently up on the site -- a range of shirts from Emmett London, all $64.99 and a few suits from Royal Hem, both $239. Much more merchandise will be added in the coming weeks. If you do decide to browse or checkout, please be aware that we're still working out some of the kinks, so you may notice some...
We will be up 1/1/13, come hell or high water (that is to say, regardless of the fact that I may be at my regular job right now drafting a brief)
Just to point out some of the lesser known labels, there are a few suits below and slightly above the $200 mark from Geremia and Dellachiana that I can vouch for. Really nice stuff.
Opening up a new online retail store featuring shirts, suits, pants, etc..., but don't really know the first thing about photography. I basically just need a solid camera (probably w/a lens) plus a backdrop and lighting so that everything comes out properly for an online display. Any suggestions as to the proper setup (brands and models in particular)? I'm definitely looking to go for something used rather than full retail, as my funds are limited at this point.
Just announced on Facebook -- Yoox sample sale will start this Friday, accessible via a special link for Facebook fans.
Worried about directions and such -- is it easy enough to figure out GPS and road signs in Italy?
Heading over to Italy on a buying trip for a new business venture. Will be starting out in the north near Milan, and leaving from the southeast, in Bari. Basically, I'm looking for a car service that can take me from place to place, i.e., to and from various hotels and businesses I will be visiting. The problem is that I don't want anything fancy and am on a very limited budget, so the whole limo-type thing is not what I'm looking for, just more like a cab service that...
All sorts of stuff, but the first thing I noticed was about a $300 drop on the Caruso suits.
PSA -- Looks like new drops just took place on Spring items.
New Posts  All Forums: