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Yeah, free shipping is back -- if you, like me, ordered yesterday w/out the free shipping, just call in to Customer Service and they will adjust the price.
What size are you? There are still some items left in the sample sale that are worth a go if you can fit them, but need more info before I can give you some recommendations.
You can still access sale items here -- Just remember everything is now final sale. Some items, however, have been moved from the Fall-Winter section, and into the Spring-Summer section and will not be available in the Sample Sale -- that's Yoox's usual underhandedness.
Just a quick note -- all sale items have now been marked as final sale items by Yoox. Looks like the Sample Sale is coming soon, so I'd put off any purchases on sale items until that is announced and you can get in an extra discount.
"An EXTRA 15% off with the YOOXCODE SPRING13 until March 28th" - Spring items only.
Oh, it's already up -- been up for a few months now -- Still have merchandise to be added and have to start properly advertising, but it's there. We're up and running, slow and steady.
As a guy in the business myself -- you have to realize that Yoox is indeed buying stuff from prior seasons that didn't sell for one reason or another, or sometimes never even made it out of the factory. So there are bound to be discolorations, fit issues, etc.... on a piece or two now and again. A lot of the stuff is just overstock or overrun and perfectly fine, but there are other items that come along as well. They are buying in so much volume that it's nearly impossible...
UPALLNIGHT -- 10% off + free shipping on S/S merchandise only. Expires 9AM tomorrow, 2/24.
Still going slowly -- needs some TLC in terms of inventory updates, and I hope to spend some quality time this weekend.
Not that it helps us out, but if your better half needs some shoes, the Yoox FB page has an 'Offer' for a 15% off code only redeemable on women's shoes from the S/S collection.
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