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Quick heads up -- (almost) all men's shirts and ties are an additional 25% off starting today (don't know the end date, would imagine through Father's Day); Mastai Ferretti shirts are already marked down to $19.99, so if you can find them and they're included in the sale --> only $14.99.
Just wanted to point everyone to my latest post, 'The Anatomy of a Daffy's Hang-Tag'; I think most of you will find it quite intriguing, and if not, at least get a laugh out of the fact that all this nonsense is sitting in my brain.
Not sure if anyone's heard of this company before, but I recently purchased a bag from, made by a company called 'Rustico Leather'. I just wanted to give these guys a plug as I'm quite pleased w/the product I received today - I purchased the leather 'Survivor' messenger bag for a little over $100, all handmade in the US. For the price, I couldn't find anything better, especially if you use some coupons (purchased through Overstock for the lower price and...
Props on the last pair. Very few wools this season, and those look superbly made - never seen the 'Sartoriale' line before.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I thought this was a joke thread from the title. That's a nice lunch bag though. I lean toward brown paper sack. It's the perfect blend of classic style and not looking like you have more money than you know what to do with. perhaps that's the better idea, and save some dinero
So, want to have a decent lunch bag for work, rather than just a plastic shopping bag. Deciding between the two below, one from artifact bag co. which I saw on a Gilt video, and another I spotted today on Etsy. The Artifact one seems better made just from the pics, but it's about twice the price of the Etsy one. For reference, it will be going inside a dark brown leather bag if that matters. Thoughts? Artifact Bag Co. Etsy
Quick update, the only one I thought worth mentioning on SF in a while. Most Daffy's locations got in shoes from Martin Dingman this past week. I believe they are made by Fratelli Rossetti, but that's just a hunch since I found one pair of those in the Dingman boxes at the same price. All the shoes are $98.99.
Need a leather messenger bag appropriate for work at a law firm; sick of carrying around my old Jansport backpack, and want to look a bit more professional. Ideally looking for something made in Italy, or at least somewhere other than China that would make a decent product. Please PM w/pics of anything you may have available. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I guess I was hoping they heard my bitching about how discount stores in NY are so much better than in LA and decided to help a brother out by stocking some extra Mabitex in size 32 and posting them for $20 a piece on their website. Tough luck. Ha...Mabitex is Daffy's, which is supposedly looking into the online sample sale business as well; but I don't think that is their top priority at the moment, as they...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I was not impressed. At all. I don't know what they're going to be listing on here. If I had to guess it will be stuff that is overstock or not selling well in the stores. So, for example, I don't think we'll be seeing much suiting, as the stores can barely keep that stuff stocked as it is. This is just a hunch, but would make more sense to me than them buying specifically for the site, or stealing the...
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