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Given the labels I saw and the vendor code, I think we have a winner. Info coming soon on which Daffy's are carrying this merchandise.
Ha, yes, that particular item is Rag & Bone; but I'm referring to the store that the item came from, not the designer label. That is where I need help - as in, the tag I posted a picture of is the bar code and price from the original store that carried it.
Need some help -- Daffy's got in some really high-end merchandise (think, brand name, not unknown Italian stuff), but I'm at a loss to place the source of the merchandise -- clearly it's a retail closeout, as it's random stuff, not just one particular label. I managed to find one item w/the original store tag still on it - does this tag look familiar to anyone? The vendor code on the Daffy's tag reads "HIRS" if that helps (I'm guesing Holt Renfrew, cause at least the...
Quick update (will have more on blog later) - Philly (and I'm sure other stores as well) have started putting out Fall merchandise. Of note so far which I didn't mention earlier is that they've gotten in shirts from Mastai Feretti. I have yet to see any any actually marked with that name, rather just stuff I know is produced by them -- Cleveland, Bonser, Agho, Paolo Veri, Korus, A. Basile, Nervesa, etc... all at the usual $29.99. I would give it a few more days in most...
PSA: Most Daffy's will be putting out the first part of their Fall selection early this week. So far, the only thing of worth will be merchandise from Jey Coleman; the rest will be various items from FB/FB Class/EP/Kevin Up, and shirting from Asso di Cuori and Roberta Galifa. I expect Mabitex will be coming in soon, as that's usually early on in the season as well. Will update here with brands worth mentioning; the rest will be available on the blog. For those C21...
I know a few of you have requested this, but I finally had a few minutes to get together and compile a list of the 'best brands' at Daffy's, in case you need a reference while visiting the store. Here you go -- http://yellowbaggers.blogspot.com/p/brands-list.html I will also be adding to that a 'Medicore' list, and an 'Avoid at all costs' list, but that will take some more time, and is less important if you know the stuff that's decent.
Wasn't sure where to post, but figured this was as good as any; Just bought myself an HDTV, and want to hook up an HTPC so I can watch Hulu, etc... Any suggestions on a small machine that can do the job? I've been eyeing the Dell Zino HD, but the reviews are iffy at best. That, and I'm not really a Mac fan, so Mac Mini is out of the question. Beyond that, just want something small and cheap. Thoughts?
I'm sure plenty of you have seen some quite unusual and 'striking' items on Yoox. Just wanted to share this one that popped up today when previewing the new fall collection, and possibly start a thread of 'Yoox Oddities' below; I'm sure it would be quite fun Link
Quick heads up -- (almost) all men's shirts and ties are an additional 25% off starting today (don't know the end date, would imagine through Father's Day); Mastai Ferretti shirts are already marked down to $19.99, so if you can find them and they're included in the sale --> only $14.99.
Just wanted to point everyone to my latest post, 'The Anatomy of a Daffy's Hang-Tag'; I think most of you will find it quite intriguing, and if not, at least get a laugh out of the fact that all this nonsense is sitting in my brain. http://yellowbaggers.blogspot.com/20...-hang-tag.html
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