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Ha, I wish. Just trying to point them in the right direction.
All -- need some quick notes, a reply or PM will do --- putting together a list of some obscure European brands that may not have made their way to the States yet for one reason or another, but you think are decently made and something you'd consider purchasing if available at a discount -- can be stuff you've bought from Yoox, seen abroad, or otherwise.
I've seen these things in person. Awesome fabrication and construction IMHO, and at these prices you're getting a steal.
Just wondering if anyone's recently come across some slim fitting tab-collar shirts other than possibly getting it done M2M? Looking for something along the lines of Dermot O'Leary of UK X-Factor Fame, where the collar sort of has the effect of pulling in the tie (GQ UK notes he has his done custom at Emmett in London) -- Pic for reference
Did a tour of the New York stores today - the only ones worth your time -- 57th & Lex got in a bunch of suits from Beau Brummel (I believe that store went out of business) that are decently made; but the real key -- the new store on 44th & Broadway in Times Square --- first off, some beautiful Tombolini suits at $199 - these are truly amazing things esp. at that price; second, and probably more attractive to most on this forum -- this is the only store that got in...
Yep - the only place you can find Mabi's right now is in Paramus, NJ where they have the closeouts from last Spring - basically the leftovers of the leftovers, and not worth your time. For whatever reason, which my contact at Daffy's has not answered, they have not gotten in any this season. If you're desperately in need of a pair of pants, Giab's and Tombolini are good bets if you can find them, as well as Gazzarrini, Patrzia Pepe and Jey Cole Man, and in a pinch I might...
Thanks for the note. One reader one the blog mentioned he also saw a number of blazers from Ortenzi (very nice, fully canvassed, though relatively unknown to those outside Daffys), and cords from Tombolini. If anyone stops by and notices anything else out of the ordinary, feel free to post it here. I will have a full report on the blog about the new store next weekend.
Nothing in Philly yet. The truck comes in tomorrow and Friday - I would check after 1pm-ish.
I don't think you'll be having any problem finding folks to do that for you
Quick heads up -- I expect small selections of Incotex pants to be available in most stores later this week. The Secaucus store got in a few, and they often put stuff out a week before the other locations. Unsure what the deal is w/Mabitex this season. Will post a reply if I hear anything.
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