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Thanks for the note. One reader one the blog mentioned he also saw a number of blazers from Ortenzi (very nice, fully canvassed, though relatively unknown to those outside Daffys), and cords from Tombolini. If anyone stops by and notices anything else out of the ordinary, feel free to post it here. I will have a full report on the blog about the new store next weekend.
Nothing in Philly yet. The truck comes in tomorrow and Friday - I would check after 1pm-ish.
I don't think you'll be having any problem finding folks to do that for you
Quick heads up -- I expect small selections of Incotex pants to be available in most stores later this week. The Secaucus store got in a few, and they often put stuff out a week before the other locations. Unsure what the deal is w/Mabitex this season. Will post a reply if I hear anything.
Don't know if anyone else has ever experienced this, but especially with my lighter colored pants, I've been having issues with my wallet rubbing against the material and leaving a black mark on the pants pocket. It comes out eventually at the cleaners, but it's quite annoying (and expensive) to deal with. I keep my wallet in my front pocket, and every so often when I'm walking, my messenger bag will rub up against it which seems to make it worse. Any suggestions other...
Just updated the blog - the important stuff to be aware of is towards the end of the post, but I will mention one thing here -- the high-end stuff that I referred to, likely from Hirshleifer's, is at 44th & Madison (largest selection), and both 57th St. Stores. All the selections are very small, but Madison got in two wool blazers from Cuccinelli at $699 each, as well as various items from Rag & Bone, APC, Woolrich and other brands. 57th East side only got in some shirts -...
Given the labels I saw and the vendor code, I think we have a winner. Info coming soon on which Daffy's are carrying this merchandise.
Ha, yes, that particular item is Rag & Bone; but I'm referring to the store that the item came from, not the designer label. That is where I need help - as in, the tag I posted a picture of is the bar code and price from the original store that carried it.
Need some help -- Daffy's got in some really high-end merchandise (think, brand name, not unknown Italian stuff), but I'm at a loss to place the source of the merchandise -- clearly it's a retail closeout, as it's random stuff, not just one particular label. I managed to find one item w/the original store tag still on it - does this tag look familiar to anyone? The vendor code on the Daffy's tag reads "HIRS" if that helps (I'm guesing Holt Renfrew, cause at least the...
Quick update (will have more on blog later) - Philly (and I'm sure other stores as well) have started putting out Fall merchandise. Of note so far which I didn't mention earlier is that they've gotten in shirts from Mastai Feretti. I have yet to see any any actually marked with that name, rather just stuff I know is produced by them -- Cleveland, Bonser, Agho, Paolo Veri, Korus, A. Basile, Nervesa, etc... all at the usual $29.99. I would give it a few more days in most...
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