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I have some Gazzarrini tuxedos that will be available in a few weeks, but only a handful. If you're a size 38/48EU and like something a bit more fashion-forward, you're in luck.Reporter will run you how all Italian items should fit (I'm partial to a proper slim fit being a skinny guy myself) - Drop 7, generally high arm holes, tapered in the midsection, etc... but it is not too severe.Pennesi is likely to run you a bit smaller than even the Reporter items. Pennesi is one...
It's nice stuff, you just have to be careful with a lot of the Inghirami items, as they tend to make more classic cuts, and often produce for the Italian wedding market, which is why you'll see items with a lot of sheen and made out of viscose and the like. Glad to help out on any additional questions you may have on them or any other random brands -- I run a small business in this area, and have experience either dealing with these companies directly or in many cases have...
Reporter is made by the folks at Inghirami -- they make, among other things, Ingram, San Remo, Inghirami, Reporter and Peter & Sons, and recently acquired the Robert Friedman shirt brand from Fabrys SRL. It is all made in Italy, mid-market construction and fabrics. Of their brands, leaving aside Robert Friedman, Reporter is the slimmest fit and most fashion-forward. It is not super-slim as you may find in some other Italian brands, but it is cut nicely. It has been carried...
I believe they were both navy pinstripes, 44 or 46 US. I will grab some shots and post here if I stop back.
Believe it or not, Burlington.
Just wanted to get confirmation on this -- happened to be browsing around a discount store in Philly today, and noticed a few suits marked 'Alfred Dunhill.' Was curious, as Dunhill items do not often appear in the States. Upon further inspection, the inside label indicated they were from F/W 05 (yes, they have apparently been sitting somewhere for the last 8 years), but what intrigued me more was the fact that the label was clearly one from Caruso, yet it said 'Made in...
10% w/code SPRING. Works on all items as of right now, including Sample Sale. Also note that there are some markdowns on the site for spring merchandise; unclear if those are permanent or temporary.
Never seen stuff this early before, but if you're in the market already -- 10% off F/W 2013 Preview -- TOPREVIEW - good until 5/12. Link
Yeah, free shipping is back -- if you, like me, ordered yesterday w/out the free shipping, just call in to Customer Service and they will adjust the price.
What size are you? There are still some items left in the sample sale that are worth a go if you can fit them, but need more info before I can give you some recommendations.
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